Mentorship & Resourceful Trainings

We conduct resourceful trainings and mentoring sessions in schools and communities to enable young girls have the ability to be confident and  speak out on the issues that matter to them. We aim at inspiring girls to speak out, be decision makers, create visionary change and realize their full potential to chase their profitable dreams.

During the trainings, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth, integrity, among others are taught. We also connect the young girls to adult ladies who are experienced for mentorship and counselling to help them achieve their personal goals and objectives.

M and R Training program Activities

Group mentorship

Girls and guys Coffee talks, School and community mentorships. For Schools, we later create Smart Girls for sustainability and follow up.During the trainings, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth, integrity, civic education, SRH among others are taught

Global Mentors Program

Is designed to provide Smart girls members with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of a competent global citizen who is
ready to live and work in a diverse world. We connect our members to international mentors. Working to finalize a partnership with Dartmouth College in this regard

One on One Mentorship

We connect our Corporate and executive members to International mentors, a local mentors and a mentees too. To help improve their capabilities, potential so as they can positively impact the communities they come from.