Girls With Tools

The Girls with Tools project hosts 6 months hands – on courses for at list 30 to 50 young women trained in vocational areas not considered traditional for women like machinery welding, automotive mechanics, Electricity Installation, Carpentry and driving skills for trucks. They get additional Workshop trainings that include

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Life skills
  • Gender issues
  • Financial Literacy.

We partner with local workshops and garages to give the girls internships, on job training to give them experience and inspirations to start up their own businesses in these sectors. The courses are paid for the girls that can afford them while the girls that can’t afford to apply for a scholarship/bursary.

Girls With Tools Activities

Geek girls

A project under girls with tools that inspires girls to visualize themselves in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math careers and empowers them to pursue STEM professions. We envision a Uganda where women feel confident to pursue STEM careers and are equally represented In the STEM workforce.

Girls with tools Car Service and Washing Bay Business

A business we are hoping to start for our  alumni to give them work after their training and have 30% of the profits go back to enroll more girls in the training.