In recent years, global experiences have shown significant increase in attention towards the involvement of men and boys in programming that seek to address parenthood, fatherhood and community engagement. Moreover, the evidence base regarding what works and what does not work supports the widely recognized need for making male involvement in the promotion of positive parenting practices in a home and community. In spite of these developments, risk factors to parenting perpetration largely remain unaddressed, particularly the engagement of men and boys, to change their attitudes and behaviors while at the same time prioritizing advocacy for the rights of women and girls. Interestingly, there is overwhelming evidence that support the involvement of fathers, firstly, because fatherhood is an avenue to emphasize positive and gender-equitable masculinity and secondly, because fathers’ involvement in children’s lives has many positive contributions on the physical and psycho-social health as well as reduced abuse, neglect and exploitation of the children. Finally, we recognize that father-centered involvement has more sustainable outcomes towards the well-being of children, women and family members and the general community. The Good Men Project – Dads Raising Daughters will focus on creating a more father inclusive environment in benefit for the girl child consequently building stronger communities, empowering the girl child to access educational opportunities, improving parenthood and promote gender equitable norms and practices.

Project Objective

To enhance the involvement of men most especially the Fathers in their daughters’ lifestyles to empower daughters to be able to stand up for their rights, become self-aware and confident thereby bridging the gender equality and opportunities gaps.

Project Activities and Outcomes

Activity 1: Girls Coffee Talks

These will be an in-school small event that will engage young girls on issues concerning Sexual Reproductive Health, Self-esteem and confidence. We will visit 1 school and have panel discussion on gender equality. This will give us an opportunity to capture the girls’ only perspective.

Activity 2 : In-School Father Engagement Day:

We will partner with a school and introduce father engagement days to be done either during visitation days or Parent Teachers meetings. We will hold a one day father engagement day to increase the fathers participation and engagement into their daughters school lifestyle so as to encourage, sensitize and engage them into the issues that affect their children most especially the girls during and after school. Through this, the Father and Daughter perspective on gender equality will be captured.

Activity 3: Community Dialogues:

 We will engage at least 50 men (fathers) into sensitization and awareness raising community-based dialogues to discuss and take their thoughts on girl’s education, parenting and gender equality. In the end, we envisage that these men will become key role models in these communities while at the same time, inspire the young fathers to uphold the rights of women and girls and encourage positive parenting practices in the family and community. Secondly, these dialogues will challenge negative notions of masculinity and patriarchy that uphold male dominance in culturally conservative communities in our target areas, that is to say, in the central and Eastern part of Uganda.

Activity 4: Radio talk shows

Activity 5: Community engagement.

Activity 6: Giving out promotional material

Activity 7: Social Media Campaign

Project outputs

-100 girls receive information on gender quality thereby increasing opportunities for them

-50 men become role models in their communities to reduce gender based violence

– Fathers become knowledgeable on issues affecting the girl-child

-The project will bring about father centered engagement in their daughters lives

– Better community leadership structures that support girl child education

– Many girls will access education with support from their fathers

-Men understanding the impacts of positive parenthood

-Built stronger bonds in families

-Promotion of YALI program to young enthusiastic girls and partner organizations