The Father – Daughter Dance is a social annual event meant for fathers to be more involved in their daughters’ lifestyle, to help bridge the gaps. Though fathers have been revered at all times by civilization across the globe, what was missing until the last century was the official recognition of the significance of fathers in one’s life. The event is aimed at appreciating and acknowledging the important roles played by a father in raising the girl child and consequently building stronger societies. During the event, Fathers will have a memorable and special dance to strengthen their bond with their Daughters. Women and men who have worked tirelessly to uplift the lives of the girl-child will be awarded that night. All proceeding benefits from the event will go to run and support the Rotary Vijana Poa Program.

Rotary Vijana Poa, is a broad based youthful project that mobilizes, inspires and engages youth into work, aims at providing unemployed youth mostly girls with employable skills to enable those who seek employment and entrepreneur skills to enable them to create and innovate, and professionalize their businesses for self-sustainability

The event will be held on 4th December 2015 from 6:00pm to 10:00pm at Serena Hotel, Katonga Hall, with performances from top music artists, Inspirational Talks, Instant Photo Booth, Cocktail, Dance and Entertainment.