Lots of adolescent girls are faced with poor solving skills and have been taught the mentality of “after school, find a rich man and get married” In a society where men are considered top priority in getting access to hands on and entrepreneurial skills and girls benefit little on nothing.

Smart Girls Foundation Uganda in Partnership with Kyeyunga Technical College through the Girls with Tools project will host 6 months hands – on courses, they will be trained in four vocational areas not considered traditional for women, like carpentry(wood works), machinery, Automotive mechanics, and welding. They will get additional Workshop training that will include entrepreneurship, life skills, gender issues and numeracy. We will partner with local workshops so that we are able to give these girls internships.

The courses are to be paid for the girls that can afford them while the girls that can’t afford them will apply for a scholarship. Below are the fees structures.

Motor Vehicle repair course – UGX 65,000 per week

Motorcycle repair course – UGX 57,500 per week

Carpentry course – UGX 50,000 per week

Welding – UGX 60,000 per week.

The project is to commerce 1st January 2018 to November 2018.


During the project, we will engage the girls in different activities including;

Activity 1: Power tools hands on training.

Activity 2: Entrepreneurship, life skills, gender issues and numeracy.

Activity 3: On Job training Internships.

Activity 4:  Girls Autoclinic fundraising event

Activity 5: Girls with Tools Graduation.

Specific Objective;

To socially and economically empower vulnerable girls and young women through models of skills development in order to increase their employability and their earning potential.

Project Outcomes;

  • The project will directly reach out to 25 girls/ladies and 75 girls indirectly and more than 10000 people from the general public through online and community radio media.